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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We All Must Be Heterosexual - Prop 102

Arizona-Vote-Against-Prop-102Well Prop 102 - the "We Must all be Heterosexual" a.k.a. "Protect us from those that believe differently" marriage amendment to the Arizona State Constitution continues to attract the homophobes of the world.

on Phoenix it was stated that:

“The clash between gay marriage rights and religious freedoms will escalate in the coming years. As gay rights continue to win, you will see a serious weakening and decline in religion and family…”

Of course I had to ask a question and make a proposal of my own - mind you one that is just as ridiculous as Prop 102 itself.

Troy: "Really? Are we that insecure in our heterosexuality and religious beliefs that we have to invoke the collapse of ancient civilizations as an argument to vote for something that is supposedly the mainstream belief already?

I say our next wasteful proposition should then be. God. Let’s all vote to see if he/she/it gets a nod as well.

What a waste of time and money.

Vote NO on Prop 102"

And the SCREAMING continues.

Regardless of your point of view - the main thing is to get out and vote. Don't let the world run over you, have your voice and be heard! Vote!

Vote, Prop 102, Arizona

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