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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moose Hunter versus Jabberin' Joe

Palin-Biden-Debat is popping, soda's or whatever your drinking is on ice. Your friends have been invited. Your political brethren and those that believe that the polar ice cap is in good shape are licking their lipstick... I mean lips... in anticipation of the debate. Regardless of which side your on a compensatory rubbing of the hands is taking place; both sides are thinking "this is going to be good".

The kids have all been sequestered to the far reaches of the nether world their video game systems must not be heard from for 90 minutes. Off with you now, the parents are watching the Moose Hunter and the Badger's game tonight.

Interviews and redo's (Couirc interview series with Couric & Palin, followed by a requested interview by the McCain campaign with Couric, Palin & McCain) have had to of raised some concern in recent days. The interviews had to impact Palin's image around the nation/world. Gov. Palin made Gov. Palin looking ill-informed and ill-prepared. In my opinion, that small town thing is only going to play so long and then even my Aunt & Uncle (very old and very small town) are going to start SCREAMING-at-the-TV!.

At the very least these interviews must have convinced Democrats and some Republicans that Palin is not ready to be in the White House let alone a Heart-Beat away from the most powerful position in our country.

Can Palin meet or exceed the publics low expectations of her?

Believe it or not, Palin's embarrassingly naive interviews with Katie Couric of CBS could be a good thing for the GOP vice presidential nominee.

Many Americans don't think Palin can string a coherent sentence together, much less make sense on strategic foreign policy issues. But if she does do some of that Thursday night, Palin could be a big winner in the eyes of the general public.

Excerpt from: Kansas City Star, Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist.

The VP debate plot thickens. The Palin expectations are so low - and the piling on her so intense - Jabberin’ Joe Biden could blow it.

Biden has a tendency to go on, and on, in a lecturing, finger-pointing manner which, when facing a woman, could seem condescending.

I'm not being sexist - just calling it like I see it. Everyone knows that it's hard for Biden to shut up. There is, however, hope in some of his past performances: During the Democratic debates (prior to the field being reduced to three) I was impressed by his knowledge and passion. Knowledge, real and tangible, not read about in "whatever crossed my desk" fashion but earned every day.

So how does Palin get an advantage? Lower the bar, play to the apathy of the American public, hope that all of those who are disgusted by this tactic just stay at home on election day.

How does Biden get an advantage? Don't go directly after Palin, let her do that. Joe just let her drone on and on - she'll end up in a circle and the press will do the job of pointing it out. Instead, Biden should go after McCain - he knows McCain better than Palin does and should use it to his advantage.

You were given a voice let it be heard on Election Day - VOTE.

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Well said.