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Thursday, October 2, 2008

John McCain in Des Moines

John? JOHN McCAIN is that you? He's gotten a bit surley hasn't he!On September 30th John McCain sat down with the Des Moines Register for a little Q&A. While others have commented that your smug, rude, dictatorish, I just want to know John, where have your manners gone? Gotten a bit testy in your old age haven't you?!

I wonder, is the stress of having SP on your ticket getting to you? Too much attention focused on the Veeps instead of on the Main Men - I agree - but... ya' know, what cha' gunna do?

It's like watching those two old men from the Muppet show - Oh wait, there they are at the top of this post and they're watching you.

John McCain, Des Moines Register

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