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Friday, October 3, 2008

Kitchen Table a talk with Sarah Palin

Sarah-PalinEnergy, Energy, Energy... Sarah, no matter what stick to what your strongest hand is, OK?

I wonder if the handlers have ever played poker... When you're playing cards and your strongest "hand" is a 7 high...

SCREAMING'S Interpretation of what was heard during the Veep Debate:

Question: Foreign Policy

Answer: We in Alaska, an Energy producing state, believe that everyone should own a parrot and be able to drill to china if they want to don't cha' know. *wink* Heck if they want to, I can be liberal, they should have two parrots.

Question: Iraq and Afghanistan

Answer: We in Alaska, an Energy producing state, one that believes we should drill and and own parrots, are firmly in support of energy independence don't cha know *wink*

Question: Roe v Wade

Answer: We in Alaska, we have tons of oil and stuff in the ground don't cha' know, we believe that we should be energy independent and we can achieve this by raping our land and helping my lobbyist that gave me some of their hard earned money, yep, cuz I'm just a mom talking to ya' from my kitchen table don't cha' know.

Question: Constitutionality of Same Sex Marriage

Answer: We in Alaska, and why heck, even in my own extended family, well, we have a lots of diversity don't cha' know. *wink* Some of my bestest friends, who don't agree with me, even think, and I betcha' that they wont agree here, that I'm pretty tolerant of stuff like drilling and parrot owning cuz everybody should just sit down here, cuz were not Wall street dontcha' know, we, the family, well it is diverse and there's lots of things that we can do *wink* to become, well I tell ya' if we just read about whats going on with all the oil then we'd be able to, and if I can, I'd like to just talk a minute about what we do in Alaska... K? *tilts head* *winks* I just love talking direct to the people, it's ya' know, like we're all around the table *winks*

Sarah did good based on what the Republicans had expected - a lowered bar - avoidance of questions - stuck to what she knows best, and that is scary. So My hat's off to Sarah for her performance (yes it was a performance) last night.

She still left people wondering WTF were John, Rove & the Neocons thinking.

I wonder did THEY sit around their kitchen tables nodding their heads going yep this is the one that's going to take the sheep of America to the promise land.

Think people, research, talk to one another. Get informed, use your voice and VOTE.

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Chaotically Calm said...

Well I like to think she did a fantastic job wink wink dontcha know!!! LMAO

Troy - a.k.a. Whiteline said...

Yepper' she's a keeper alright!