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Monday, September 29, 2008

AZ Prop 105

In Arizona, a ballot initiative that gets the support of at least half the people who vote is approved. Makes sense right? So why change it?

I want my voice heard, I know no big surprise - sometimes it's just fun to state the obvious, but I don't want people who are to apathetic to get out and vote (or request an early mail-in ballot) to have any impact even in the slightest manner.

It's a vote, it's about being heard, it's about voicing your opinion.

The process is: Register and VOTE.

NOT - register and we'll take care of the rest. It's not McDonald's Damn-it, it's AMERICA.

Proposition 105 would require a majority of all those registered, not just a majority of those who vote, for any measure that increases taxes, fees or involves additional government spending.

Prop 105 is about giving up your voting rights. End of story.

I have never seen an election where 100% of all registered voters turn out to actually vote. Sadly, it's far less than that. Arizona predicts 70% turn out for the historic Presidential Election this November, in a non-presidential election year the numbers are drastically reduced.

According to the Arizona Voter Registration data; Arizona currently has 498,000 inactive voters on it's rolls. That list includes people who have died and others who have moved away.

Here's the kicker to Prop 105, it automatically counts all of those non-voters (including the non-living) as No votes.

Vote NO on Arizona Prop 105.

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