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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gotcha' Journalism or The Truth

When I was young I used to read Batman Comic books. One of the Villains that Batman would battle against was a character named two-face. Those of you who have seen the movie "The Dark Knight" were introduced to this character. You know, the Good Guy, the Guy who has all the Answers, the Guy who can finally put a "Face" to the force of Good in Gotham City but ultimately because of a circumstances beyond his control he chooses to become a Villain... Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Sen. John McCain.

Yes, you heard him correctly - This is a case of Gotcha' Journalism, is that a Pizza Place... and... "...didn't hear the question, or, or you don't know the context that well..." WTF DID YOU JUST SAY JOHN?!!!

Ready? Set? SCREAM!

John, this is EXACTLY what you said in the Debate.

"...So I'm not prepared to threaten it, as Senator Obama apparently wants to do, as he has said that he would announce military strikes into Pakistan.

We've got to get the support of the people of -- of Pakistan. He said that he would launch military strikes into Pakistan.

Now, you don't do that. You don't say that out loud. If you have to do things, you have to do things, and you work with the Pakistani government." Sen. John McCain, Presidential Debate, 9/26/08

Oh, by the way... It isn't what Sen. Obama said at all.

Shame on you.

I think the video speaks for itself.

Has anyone started feeling sorry for Sarah Palin yet? I mean the way that she's obviously being used (and abused) by the Republicans. Just a thought.

Have a good day :)

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