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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vote NO on AZ Prop 102

wedding-picture-photo-wedding-rings-Jeff-BelmonteExcerpt from the article published in the Arizona Republic on 9/28/08 with my views in RED

by Mary Jo Pitzl - Sept. 28, 2008 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

"For the second time in two years, Arizonans will be asked to change the state Constitution to define marriage as a union of one man and one woman."

Apparently the "Focus on Family" didn't hear the people the first time. We said no then and we'll say it again. This is an attempt to make the State of Arizona's Constitution discriminatory - Vote NO - don't let this hate become become part of our constitution.

"We are not against anything," said Barbara Willis, president of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, a ministry organization that has poured $100,000 into the campaign supporting Proposition 102. "We support marriage as one man and one woman."

Then please explain why you feel the need to pour so much money into this amendment. $100,000 could buy blankets to be handed out to the needy. $100,000 could be used help stock the food banks. $100,000 could be used to assist families in need. So why use it to push this amendment? The state already recognizes marriage as one-man-one-woman. - have you been denied lately?

"Organizers of the campaign working against the measure argue that a similar proposal failed in 2006 and that it's insulting to put the issue before voters again, especially when it comes to the weighty matter of amending the Constitution."

'nuff said

"Our question is, 'Do they think we're stupid?' " said state Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, who is chairwoman of Arizona Together Opposed to Prop. 102. "Do they think we're dumb?"

"Three states - Arizona, California and Florida - have a marriage amendment on the Nov. 4 ballot. "

I will continue to post articles about Prop 102 until this is defeated. It does not make sense to put this in to the states constitution.

As a heterosexual man, married for more than 20 years, father of six, grandfather of 1, I value marriage and the family - but I don't put my terms on the description of marriage and don't want the government doing it either.

Vote NO on Prop 102.

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