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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wall Street Gets A Bonus

I'm going to apologize in advance for this post but there are times when the words you chose MUST reflect the emotion that you feel. I know, Mom.... swearing is the lazy man's way out of using ones intellect, so I'll use the funny little symbols instead of typing the entire word, and I will try my best to temper my approach to this cluster F*#K (oops)...bear with me though.

I am beside myself, I would say I'm at a loss for word but plenty of words come to mind. I'll just jump in on this one: The very same companies that we, the tax paying citizens, the sheep of the country, have just given $700 bn... guess what they're doing? Nope, they're not causing another financial meltdown (yet)... even better. You'll never guess what those greedy SOB's on are up to!

They've set aside, between the three companies that NBC spoke about, in excess of $18 bn in BONUS money for their employees! You heard me - BONUS MONEY

- $6.8 bn set aside in bonus money
- $6.4 bn set aside in bonus money
- $6.7 bn set aside in bonus money

WHAT THE - !!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? I damned near chocked on my eggs this morning when I heard this, the average bonus per employee is in excess of $150,000.00.

A bonus in excess of $150,000.000 - I want MY and I want it NOW. No, I'm not in a mood to wait. So Senate, Congress, Mr. Bush get your asses to work and come up with a plan to bail me out and please give me enough that I can give myself and everyone in my family a bit of a bonus for doing such a bang up job. Okay, I knew that some of the people we paid our money to were not the best investments, the Government, our 401K broker, AIG, but look I needed to keep the American Economy going so I disregarded my own regulations and paid my hard earned money anyway, now I need help. BAIL ME OUT!

I could be one of the many about to lose their house to - BAIL ME OUT!

I could be one of the many now living on because the company I worked for was forced out of business due to economic downturns and increase costs of business - BAIL ME OUT!

I am one of the millions being asked to help some fortune 500 company because they got greedy and now I'm going to pay for it; my kids are going to pay for it; their kids are going to pay for it and these assholes are FRIGGING PARTYING in California (to the tune of nearly a half million dollars) and if that isn't bad enough, now these greedy pricks are going to get a DAMN BONUS! Are you kidding me? For what? Screwing the country the best? Mismanaging their companies? Causing a global economic meltdown?

Somebody, anybody, please, explain this to me.

One final question: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

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