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Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Gains Ground in Arizona

should be a lock for Sen. McCain and up until this evenings news apparently Arizona thought so as well. McCain has been everywhere - FL, NH, OH, TN, VA... not AZ... Johnny come home... According to the local NBC affiliate is cutting in to McCain's home turf. By employing a better ground plan than McCain, by paying attention to the state and it's voters, by having a more youthful, energetic, motivated campaign office in Arizona, is making headway.

As of this date McCain has gone from a "sure thing" rating to a "leaning towards" the margin is currently 6.6 in favor of . It's not a lot - let's show the world that we are as much in favor of getting America back on the right track as the rest of the country is - go out and vote OBAMA.

Remember, Jan Brewer, Sec. of State, doesn't want you wearing your buttons, pins, t-shirts or stickers to the polling places so leave it all at home - as much BS as it is your vote is worth more now than that T-shirt will ever be!

Vote, Vote Naked, but !

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and !, something you should care about.

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OMYWORD! said...

I just read about this possibility this morning in the news. I also read that McCain's campaign offices in Phoenix and Tucson are empty and activity-less. As a fellow Arizonan (hanging out in Paris for the moment), wouldn't it be amazing if Obama won in Arizona? Yikes! It would make me smile.

Thanks for the BlogCatalog add. I enjoy both of your blogs.

Troy - a.k.a. Whiteline said...

Wouldn't it be great! For the first time in years I'm actually seeing yard signs (in yards other than my own) for a Democrat. Gotta love it!