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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Statistical Tie in Arizona Obama - McCain

Obama-for-ProgressArizona Republicans have been on TV more in the past 24 - 36 hours than they have been in the past 24 - 36 months... and for all the wrong reasons if you're a McCain backer.

The Obama Campaign continues to push it's grass roots movement, out in force on the campus' the Latino communities, the phone-banks and door to door. The drive seems to be working as the evening news on NBC, CBS, ABC and yes, even the local FOX station all reporting that it is a Statistical Dead Heat between OBAMA and McCain.

The Reps, like I said are getting plenty of air time, but they are staying sound in their resolve to "stick to their plan". If only they could have convinced McCain to stick to one of his many plans - maybe they wouldn't be getting air time for all the wrong reasons in his home state.

On Republican spokeswoman - and I apologize I did not catch her name when they air the news (it was a lead in story... caught me by surprise) - stated that she believes that McCain should have visited his home state and campaigned in it at some point. She went on to say, that in her opinion, McCain's neglect of Arizona is what has lead to the current situation in Arizona.

She did stick to the campaign party line by stating that they will not change their tactics during this last week of the election season.

I'd just like to tell her "Thank You, as an Obama supporter I appreciate your inactivity and again, want to thank you for your indirect support of our efforts in Arizona to get Sen. Obama elected President."

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

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