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Friday, October 31, 2008

Maricopa County Polling Places

The following provides and overview and a link to the . It is really straight forward and easy to use.

Maricopa County Elections
Polling Place Locator

1. Polling places are open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm on election day.

2. To find out the name and address of your polling place, complete the form.

3. Please enter your residence address of record. In most cases, this would be the residence address you indicated on your most recent voter registration application. Street suffix should normally be left blank unless your street has a suffix (for example: 14000 W Anystreet Cir N 85555). Do not enter any periods in street name (for example: 1000 W St John Dr 85555).

4. A sample ballot for your address entered can be viewed from the results page 15 days prior to the current election.

Once you've entered in your information it will return the following information:

Disclaimer: In order to vote you must be registered. The following information does not ensure that a person is registered to vote.

This is not an Early Voting site.

This Polling Place will only be open on the day of the election.

Your Polling Place for the election to be held on 11/4/2008.
Precinct Code:
Precinct Name:
Facility Name:
Facility Address:
Facility Location:
Hours of Operation:
See a map to your facility below

When the site provides your information it also gives you the options to view photo's of what your polling site looks like, a Sample Ballot, a hard coded map and a link to Google directions.

I hope this helps.

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