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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gay Marriage? A Look at Proposition 102

Arizona NO on Prop.102As we get closer to in Arizona I am getting inundated by the ads for Prop 102 in .

Family First has put just a ton of money in to this campaign so I feel the need to return the favor in kind. Okay, so I can't put a ton of money in to an Anti-102 campaign, but I can put a ton of time in to voicing my opinion. Ultimately, my fellow Arizonan's, isn't voicing your opinion what voting is all about?

The ads that are currently running show interviews with people on the street. These interviews talk about the simplicity of the Proposition. I agree it is wording is short and simple, wrong, but simple.

The ads ask if the interviewee understands the . One of the ads shows a woman in downtown Phoenix that was asked that question, she replied: "Yes, it's simple to understand. I'm for Marriage." Obviously it's not simple to understand.

The common thread in these ads is: "I'm for marriage, why would I want an attorney to overturn that? I think it needs to be part of our constitution."

This simply slays me.

My arguments against:

1. When dealing with law, legal terms and constitutional issues you must keep these definitions separate from religious terms and definitions. They are not the same. One is based on the rights of people of a land, town, city, county, state, or country. This definition is designed to govern the people as a whole. The other is faith based and defined in accordance with your personal faith and designed to govern a people of a similar faith/belief system.

2. Marriage is currently recognized as being between a man and a woman. If you Vote No on Prop 102 this will NOT change. The LEGAL definition may ultimately (and it should) be ammended to include but, again, the current law does not change. Additionally there is no way, shape or form that voting against Prop. 102 means your for Gay Marriage, not at all. A YES Vote for the Proposition would, however, provide a legal backdrop for discrimination in the state of Arizona.

3. This proposition, attempts to make a religious, faith, personal belief definition an amendment to a constitution. The Nation is based on a system of separation of Church and State, thus insuring our religious freedoms. To pass this Proposition in to law by making it a part of our constitution, would effectively remove this separation.

Ultimately I believe that it could then effectively be argured that the seperation of church (religious beliefs) and state has been breeched resulting in the amendment being overturned. Which, did nothing in the end except cost the taxpayers money.

was voted down the last time it was brought forward, the people of Arizona should feel insulted that it's even on the ballot again.

NO on Proposition 102 in Arizona.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and ! about something you care about.

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Anonymous said...

I have a different award for this blog. You may pick it up whenever you wish. Congratulations.~ tricia

dethmama said...

Amen, brother. Everyone should have equal access to misery!