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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trespassing Bananas

While getting my kids ready for their day, the hustle and bustle of breakfast, lunch preparation and last minute homework, the morning news played on in the background. The lead was predictable - the bailout - I listened intently while I continued to move towards getting kids off to school. I stopped and listened however when a story of a Gorilla and a Banana in Texas caught my attention.

Dateline: Texas

After the third quarter of a Friday night Flower Mound High School football game, two seniors, dressed as a gorilla and banana, ran across the football field.

The crowd reacts with laughter, but the assistant principal jumps over the fence and with the help of another person hand the boys over to police.

Punishment for the two boys didn't end with detention and that's what has the seniors parents upset.

After handcuffing the boys, police say they handed them back to school officials, who insisted on pressing criminal trespass charges.Tuesday afternoon the Lewisville school district issued a statement that said in part, "The Lewisville Independent School District has formally rescinded the charges against the two students who disrupted the Flower Mound High School football game by running in costume across the field."

    source: CBS11tv (Seema Mathur) & the NBC Today Show

Frankly I couldn't believe that the School officials decided to press criminal trespass charges. What's happened to the schools ability to manage their students? I mean truly, these pranks (and worse) have been going on forever. It's all in good fun and the kids know (or at least we did) that if you get caught you are going to serve detention; either in school or out of school suspension.

Have them arrested?


On Criminal Trespass charges?


Aren't they students of the school where they did this? Wasn't this a school event? Doesn't that mean that they were not trespassing? I'm just baffled by the stupidity involved in this case.

Now, off to school boys and don't forget your gorilla suite.

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Anonymous said...

It's a little scary when you see some of the people 'in charge'. Of our kids yet! (All my children are grown but I have grandchildren that have to deal with this stuff.)