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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Delay the Debate

I heard this story this morning on the Today Show (NBC).

McCain has suspended his campaign; that's not the new part, during the same story it was stated that the McCain campaign wants to reschedule the national debate for October 2nd.

OK, so why is this important? It happens to be the date that the VP candidates were going to have their Nationally televised debate. Does anyone find this surprising? Come on, WTF people - if your VP candidate isn't ready to go infront of the press, isn't ready to answer questions, isn't ready to debate then I have one simple question:


Ok, I feel better now... not really, but maybe not as queezy as before.

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion absolutely nothing makes her ready to be anything other than an ex-beauty queen. What a sad day for us. Nice job, by the way.

Troy - a.k.a. Whiteline said...

Thanks PC, but she can see Russia - OH! wait, and her latest update given in an interview today... now don't tell anyone... but Alaska shares a land border with ... come a little closer... ready.... CANADA!

I go to Mexico on a regular basis -and I've visited, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, England, Belgium, Germany, and Florida! guess I'm qualified ;)

Ayi Suhendar said...

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