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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Privatized Military - Question for the Candidates

A fellow Blogger has posted a list of 10 questions that she would like to see asked during the upcoming debate. I would add one to the list that she has devised; you can see her entire list at Illini Family Politics.

Question: Regarding Military Readiness.

Over the past 8 years America has seen the largest privatization of the military force in it's history. Companies such as Blackwater have gone from a concept to multi-Million and some Billion dollar corporations. The previous administration has removed all threat of criminal punishment for their actions and has prevented the newly established government in Iraq to place any of these "Government Contractors" on trial. What will your policy be towards Privatized Military? (follow-up) and how will you go about reversing the current trend?

    and now for something completely different.... ok, not really, just my opinion.

What the hell are we thinking - Blackwater, more like Blackwidow,... somebody Google "Erik Prince" and see what you get, now just for kicks Google "Erik Prince and Apramoff scandal". I would provide the links but you may think that I'm leaning left when I pick the site - have at it, go Google.

I am ex-military. I served with pride and still hold my service to my country dear. I served because our country is great and I believe in our rights and freedoms. I also am a realist and recognize that those freedoms, don't come for free. What these monkeys have done sickens me - it is in my view it is paramount to the Flag Burning that they so vehemently fought against and I so proudly served to protect. (yes, I consider it protected as part of your Freedom of Speech. I don't agree with the action of Flag Burning but I don't need to.)

The Neocons thought it was a good idea to fight what they termed fundamentalist regimes with .. oh, for arguments sake let's say, fundamentalist regimes. We turned over aspects of military power to a group that is right of right wing asked them to protect dignitaries in the Green Zone then allowed them to Massacre civilian Iraqi's in Nisour Square not to mention other atrocities for which they have yet to be held accountable. This my friends is a perfect example of how not to conduct a foreign policy while endangering your own national security.

Sources unlimited. For a great listing of them pick-up the book by Jeremy Scahill there's nearly 70 pages of sources and references.

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