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Sunday, September 21, 2008

George Bush and Science Camp

Science-Camp Science camp with all of it's learning and exploration of the science of nature and environment, does have it's moments of insight to the minds of our future.

One of the team building events that the group of sixth graders had to complete was to prepare, rehearse and execute a 3-6 minute skit for all of the other campers. There were moments of brilliance, humor, insight, and pride. There were jokes that were turned into skits, there were remakes of Saturday Night Live originals, there were originals that caught the humor of the kids and then there was a skit that caught the humor of the adults.

Skit: "I Don't Know, the Game Show"

A group of seven boys took on the politics of today and in doing so lampooned George Bush in nearly Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert style. The boys introduced a nearly instant camp classic with the lines.

Host: Mr President, when was the Internet invented.
GWB: aaaahhhhh.... ummmmm.... that'd be 1900 BC
(pause, stands up, looks at the audience), fur those of ya' don't know, BC stands for Before Chilifries.
Host: Mr President, wouldn't that be BCF?
GWB: huhhhhh...mmmm... aaaahhh... wait (shakes hands) you mean Chili Fries isn't one word?!

There was line after line of the kids lampooning GWB, the adults (some who laughed so hard they had tears in their eyes)roared throughout the skit, the kids lapped it up.

All of this goes to show me that the kids are in tune to the world around them and not afraid to call out crap when they see it even if it's through the safety of a skit at Science Camp.

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