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Thursday, October 9, 2008

St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort

As we are just returning from our trip to Southern California to celebrate our friends promotion to full fledged marine, I thought... hey maybe I should share some of the photo's that we took at the resort that we were staying at...

Funny thing, we stayed at a Comfort-Inn for $85.00 a night while it seems that some of my tax dollars were staying someplace else!

"Financial crisis? What financial crisis?

Less than two weeks after Uncle Sam gave American International Group (AIG) an $85 billion loan - staving off financial collapse - execs from one of its insurance subsidiaries, AIG American General, gathered for a conference at the uber-swank St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, billed as “California’s only Mobil Travel Guide Five-Star Resort,” where ocean-view rooms start at $565 a night and “world class luxury” is the rule."

"The Watchdog - and the Outraged Taxpayer who alerted us to the situation - understand that corporate events such as these are planned many months in advance. I mean, really. Who could have known in the spring that there’d be Financial Armageddon in the fall?

But still. “The inappropriateness and the excessiveness just blew us away,” said the Outraged Taxpayer, who went to the Mission Friday to pray in the chapel. “It’s outrageous. In very poor taste. Over the top.”

AIG says it’s not what it seems."

Try telling that crap to your wife or your parent when your dumb-ass has been caught with your hand in the cookie jar...

"No really Dad, it's not what it seems I was just holding it for a friend..."

"aaauuuuhhhh.... it's not what it seems I don't know where it came from..."

"I don't know what she's doing in our bed - I just came home, I thought she was one of your girlfriends, it's not what it seems."

Come on give me a break - it was a preplanned corporate thing to reward their top performers. EXCUSE ME!?! You didn't have any top performers - you screwed the pooch on this one, and oh by the way you and your buddies in the Government screwed the taxpayers. So please, freaking leave me a comment and tell me exactly how you sleep at night.

You've planned large corporate events in advance of the bailout so it's ok... NO, it's not! Cancel the event, it's that simple. What? Oh, you'll loose the deposit? Well, now I understand - tough - loose the deposit, we've just bailed you out! View the entire bill as obtained by the House Oversight Committee: BILL

Cancelling, that was the only choice you had and in the quality management displayed during the AIG collapse - you failed to get it right. Some how this all seems ok with you?

Fans of SCREAMING at the TV! write you congress men and women and let them know this crap needs to STOP.

Stand up and be heard. Demand our money back - all $443,343.71 of it.

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