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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Palin Passages - "I Might Hug"

Batman-1989Batman continues his guard in Gotham City watching, waiting, anticipating the coming of another "Palin Passage".

Yes it's time again for one of those wonderful little nuggets from our favorite Pitbull-Loving-Lipstick-Wearing-Hockey-Mom-from-Wasilla-Alaska.

Today's Palin Passage:

Sarah Gets a Hug:

Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari expressed great joy when meeting Sarah Palin during the short photo session at the start of their meeting that was viewed by reporters and cameras.

"You are even more gorgeous than you are on the ," Zardari said.

"You are so nice. Thank you," Palin said.

"Now I know why the whole of America is crazy about you," Zardari said, as his handler told them to shake hands for the cameras.

"I'm supposed to pose again," Palin said.

"If he's insisting," Zardari said to laughter, "I might hug."

OK, it's not really a "Palin Passage", more like, what I would suppose, was an awkward moment for Sarah.... Geeze Zardari, get a room!

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