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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2008 - A Year in Review

photo by encarta.msn.com2008 Stock Market Crashes - 776 points in one day.

2008 Housing Market crumbles leading to banking crisis.

2008 First Woman Republican VP Nominee.

2008 First African American Presidential Nominee.

2008 10 million children die of hunger.

We have witnessed a monumental 1.8 TRILLION Dollar single day loss in the Stock Market; Racial and Gender barriers being shattered; unemployment is on the rise; drilling off our shores being debated; the global warming crisis becoming more and more pronounced, facts of our daily lives at this point.

These are all blips on the radar screen of the world we live in - here today gone tomorrow - in other words we will and always have worked our way out of these issues. These issues, that will soon be a footnote in the annals of history, are however, the very same issues that grab all of the headlines in the media. Why? They are the sensational attention grabbers in our A.D.D. world. They are the ones that our A.D.D. world can provide its only type of focus (short term) on to and get fixed. These issues will go away and our world will be looking through its Mercedes and BMW colored glasses once again.

So what? Well, while our little slice of heaven was falling apart this time, the world around us was continuing it's decades long (centuries long) battle against hunger, poverty and the lack of basic human needs.

No lecture, no SCREAMING, just points to ponder:

    Our government has bailed out the banking industry with $700 BILLION Tax Dollars.

    Yet, we still live in a world where almost half of her population — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day

    Taxpayers around the world have allowed their governments to use BILLIONS of dollars, Pounds, Euro's and other currencies to fight a war in the Middle East.

    Yet we as a global society allow over 26,500 children die each day. Every day. Year round. They die from their impovershed living conditions; they die from the lack of basic clean water; they die from diseases we wiped out decades ago.

    You can help by contacting UNICEF, International Red Cross Red Crescent, Your local Red Cross Chapter, OXFAM and other global organizations dedicated to eliminating poverty and providing basic human needs to the worlds populations.

Stand up - start SCREAMING! at something - let your voice be heard.

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Anonymous said...

Troy-Thanks for continuing to post thought provoking material.