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Friday, October 24, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air

The One, Vote ObamaRecently I came across a letter to the editor from Pat Pope Hartman of Courtland titled "Palin is a breath of fresh air". Here's an excerpt from that letter to the Tidewater News:

"I would like to ask people if they want our to be cookie cutter robots that speak the same rhetoric. Personally, I like to hear the facts straight up and to the point. I am not so snobby that I cannot listen to someone with a more down to earth speaking style.

I would like to take this opportunity to state that I hope Virginians are listening to what the candidates are actually saying instead of their style. This presidential election is the most important that I have seen in my lifetime."

The author is exactly right - it is the most important in our lifetime. None of us want a president that's cookie cutter, a robot or speaks the same rhetoric - it's not what we want at all. The facts would be nice and not some regurgitated garbage that was fed to a candidate an hour prior. Some knowledge of facts would be alright as well - Sarah offers us neither.

We all strive to find "The One" that will lead us out of the muck in which we are currently stuck. "" that can restore our status in the International Community. "The One" that offers a new view, a new vision and true leadership.

None of us, most of us, are not so snobby that we "cannot listen to someone with a more down to earth speaking style." But we need someone who has a basic concept of what the government is, what it's role is, what the job is. We need someone who can represent in a fashion that takes out out of Hicksville, where we've been living as a country for the past 8 years, and move us back into a position of .

It is time to throw the cowboy hats and the good ol' boy colloquialisms. It's time to circle the wagons, gather our country together, and move forward to the future.

Any questions about clarity? Read the Palin Passage section of this blog.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

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