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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Missing: The East Texas Coast Line

National Geographic News
Hurricane Ike will be entered into the record books for the severe damage it inflicted in and around Galveston, Texas, experts say.

Then can someone please explain to me why we haven't seen more? Heard more? Why did the networks (NBC - but I'm not mentioning names)announce on Friday (9/19/08) that they apologize for not being able to cover the devistation but due to other news all of their teams were tied up... With what? Duct Tape...

"This one's going to be famous for a long time, if for no other reason than it hit Texas, which hadn't gotten a strike by a damaging hurricane in 25 years," ~ Jeff Masters, Director of Weather Underground.

Masters also noted that the cost along the Gulf Coast could reach U.S. $22 Billion (yep with a "B"), which would make it the third costliest hurricane on record. The other two are: Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Andrew

With Katrina I couldn't blink without seeing images or hear news reports/updates. The media was beside themselves that the Bushies had focked up yet again... where's the news and updates and overviews, flyby's - wheres the news?

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