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Friday, September 5, 2008

Change, are you kidding?

Change? Really, are you kidding? John McCain needs to get real! First with himself and then with his country.

The ONLY thing that has changed is John McCain. I grew up in (and still live in) Arizona, hearing about John McCain, reading about John McCain, following & discussing what John McCain had/has done for the state and even voting for John McCain on more than one occasion. I admire his service as a fellow American and a fellow Vet, but he can't do a 180 on the country now and pretend that he's something that he's not anymore.

90%+ consistent voting record with the "establishment" that John McCain says should watch out 'cuz change is a comin'. What's the change? Is it that he has a Female running mate? What is it? What color will the stripes turn this time?

John McCain changed when he lost his last bid for President to GWB and his Neo-Con freak show. Somewhere he decided to sell out to the Party just to get what he wanted; the bid from his party to be the Presidential nominee. Good luck John, I don't know who you've become and you won't get my vote - you would have 8 years ago but there's a lot of change in the color of your stripes since then.

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