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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin - "Hockey Mom-In-Law"

Sara Palin - Hockey Mom... Several things come to mind after watching Gov. Palin accept the Republican Vice Presidential nomination (Hockey Mom wasn't one of them) but for whatever reason the thing that floated to the top of my head was my God doesn't that kid look uncomfortable. Not Gov. Palin, her soon to be Son-In-Law. When you're 17-18 and you're trying to get everything figured out; you're from a small town; you're sexually active and your girlfriend is pregnant, her mom is "Pro-Life"(but supposedly left the "choice" up to her... doesn't that make Sarah Palin "Pro-Choice"?, or maybe it just makes her a Hypocrite) and the Governor... life can be rough. Now blast you in to the national spotlight, no make that the global spotlight, and your life has to really suck! I wonder what was going through that young man's mind as he sat there "Front and Center" at the RNC, cameras panning past him all the time, his girlfriend gets introduced - stands up - and every camera in the world was pointed at them. It looked like he wanted to skulk back into the woodwork of his home in Alaska. I bet he was thinking - "Frig - I'd rather take a check at full speed with my back turned, not wearing any protective gear than to be here right now...."

Gov. Palin, my question to you and to the First Dude is ... because of your nomination did the boy really have a choice ... to marry? or not to marry? Talk about a political shotgun pointed straight at your balls.

To the new "Second Dude": Play your ass off every time you get on the ice - the nation is now watching, no pressure!

Good Luck young man -

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