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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Political BS

Is this really what American Politics has come down to? Lipstick on a Pig... oh, for Christs sake! There are more important things to talk about, like; education in America, the declining job market - or conversely the rising unemployment rate, the failing, if not failed, housing market and the associated banking industry, the reliance on foreign oil, the reliance on oil at all!, the US position in the world or the decline thereof... or hey, how about that Supercollider under the Swiss-Franco border that's going to eat the world from the inside out? (not really but that's what the town criers believe).

Obama and McCain both need to start getting real. One of them needs to stand up and have a pair of balls - tell the public what the hell they are going to do to fix (or try to) this country and how they are going to do it. They both need to start realizing that the voting public is just a tad bit smarter than they are giving them credit! Lipstick on a Pig - WTF! First off, the McCain campaign is freakishly stupid if they believe that they are going to win votes that way - "but Obama said...." - Hey how about a little cheese with that wine! The Lipstick on a Pig quote is the same damned thing as saying "You can polish a turd... but at the end of the day it's still a turd." It's not calling anyone a pig (turd) it's calling someone out on something that's stupid.

Obama, enough rah-rah. Quit worrying about how many fans your last concert drew and get to the issues and what YOU are going to do. Stop telling us what John McCain isn't going to do - he can do that on his own. Screw John, address US, it's OUR vote that you are trying to win. You've said that the American public is tired of the same old same - but here you are giving us the same old same? That's a big WTF to you... your response? hmmm just as I thought.... "but John said...." - Hey, how about a little cheese with that wine.

All this does is look like Politics as usual - Political BS.

Both politicians need to take the lipstick off the pig and address this country - after 8 years of bullshit politics by GWB and his Neofreaks someone needs to "man-up" ... wait, a thought just occurred to me... maybe that's the problem, maybe it was time to "Woman-up" after all.

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