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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Continuing Efforts

Sometimes you scream, and scream and scream and wonder "What the hell, is anyone listening?!" and sometimes you get heard and occasionally you get a small nod of thanks. Readers of "SCREAMING at the TV!" are the best, and I appreciate you spending some of your time here... I'm certain that sometimes you shake your heads and just walk away... that's okay - sometimes I do it as well... thinking "OH God, I put that one together way too late at night..." :)

Yesterday 10/15/08 was "Blog Action Day 08" a big day to raise awareness. I was glad to be a part of it and while "SCREAMING at the TV!" didn't make front page news in any of the mainstream media and we're not splashed all over page 1 of Google (it wasn't what yesterday was about or what this blog is about) We did however get a tip of the hat for our efforts:

We were mentioned at and The American Red Cross .

For a small voice in a big world it's a nice nod, but I have to warn everyone it really will only incite me to SCREAM more often and maybe even louder.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

SCREAM,Change.Org, American Red Cross

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Arizona Prop 105 - Say No to Lazy People

As we draw closer to day it's critical that we keep talking about the issues before us as a State and as a people. A State that needs to be fiscally responsible and as a people that don't want to be viewed as doormats for the lazy.

The official ballot language for the measure reads:

To protect the will of the people of for fiscal responsibility through true majority rule, any initiative that imposes additional taxes or spending must have support from a majority of qualified electors in Arizona. Currently, initiatives that increase taxes or spending can pass with approval from only a minority of qualified electors. In the past, big money, special interest groups have pushed higher spending and taxes. Arizona now faces one of the largest deficits of any state in the country. We must protect the will of the people and let a true majority of the voters decide.

So let's dissect the important parts of the message above:

1. "To protect the will of the people of for fiscal responsibility through true majority rule...(to end of sentence)"

The keyword in the first sentence is: Majority = and it is defined as the Full count of ALL registered voters.

Essentially this translates to ALL registered voters would have a vote counted, regardless whether they stayed home or actually went to the polls and cast their vote. A registered voter who did not actually go and vote would be counted as an automatic NO vote.

2. "Currently, initiatives that increase taxes or spending can pass with approval from only a minority of qualified electors."

From the year 2000 through 2008 there were five initiatives passed that this double majority law would have defeated. All five were passed with a MAJORITY of votes from those who took the time to actually go and vote. None of these measures would have passed under .

These were:

2000 200Tobacco settlement money; health insurance58.1%
2000 204AHCCCS; funding; health; nutrition and prevention programs62.9%
2002 202Tribal-state gaming compacts50.8%
2006 201Smoke-free Arizona54.8%
2006 203Early childhood development; $0.80 increase of tobacco tax53.2%

The next two sentences of the Proposition are just political posturing so I won't even bother addressing them.

The keys really are in the True Majority aspect and if we want a bunch of people to lazy to get off the couch or make time in their day to vote - to have the preponderance of the say. I say no. Not only NO but HELL NO.

I have voted in EVERY from the time I turned 18 on. To give you an idea how long that's been Reagan was on the ballot for my first vote. I am not willing to give up my voice to anyone. Let alone someone who won't participate in the process.

NO on Arizona Prop 105

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

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A Farm in Peru: Follow-up

Yesterday, I, along with thousands of other Bloggers took part in Blog Action Day '08 (BAD '08). One of the post that I published was Farm in Peru. It was about 30 minutes after I first stated that "As of this post, his loan is 45% funded but he still needs $150.00". I know, $150.00 not that much, but this speaks to how fast KIVA and the lenders - you and me - can have an impact. 30 minutes - that's all it took to provide the means necessary for Valentin to have the opportunity to change his and his families future.

How often have you been able to have that kind of an impact in your every day life? How many times at the office, job site, cubical, construction site, bank or anyplace else have you been able to offer and provide the means to change someones life and to know that you have done it?

Ladies and Gentlemen - I am proud to announce: My children's happy-meals have left the building and the cost of those meals is now offering someone an opportunity to advance their station. Money well invested.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

SCREAM,KIVA,Blog Action Day '08

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I'm NOT Bush - Really?

McCain's not Bush.

After an in depth analysis of McCain's DNA is appears that he's correct. While the DNA Chain does contain some of the basic Political chromosomes:

    memory loss
    twisted truth strain
    strong propensity to deny facts
    self deception
    soul selling to get what you want
    sleep with lobbiest or aids
    and other critical chromosomes

It appears that McCain's DNA chain is missing the Presidential chromosome.

It is this missing chromosome that is critical and thus explains McCain's current physcological condition, it seems that he suffers from:

Presidential-Impersonationitus, which is defined as:

The ability to talk like, gesture like, roll eyes like, act condescending like, and demonstrate an anger that is not otherwise explainable.

Sorry John, we don't need another four years of these antics.

markstoneman at BlogCatalog posted this video on one of the Political discussion boards. I am not the President was the topic of discussion.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

SCREAM,McCain's not Bush,

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Farm in Peru

Team SCREAMING at the TV - Valentin Ortega Salazar - KIVA.ORGJoin Team "SCREAMING at the TV!" at KIVA and help Valentin improve his fields production levels.
Price of a night out, not even, just the cost of a couple of drinks and a burger is all you have to spare.

Valentin needs $275.00 in order to help him advance his farm. As of this post, his loan is 45% funded but he still needs $150.00 to complete the loan. $150.00, that's cheaper than buying "Rock Band" for your kids, you don't need to loan all of it, just $25.00.

Join me, Join Team SCREAMING at the TV! and let's help Valentin get the opportunity to advance his future.

Valentin's story:

"Since he was a child Valentin has known to work. His parents taught him how to get by as an agriculturist, and he learned very well. Now that he is father of a family he still works as an agriculturalist. Thanks to his parents he now has the opportunity to move forward as a farmer, and he hopes to increase his agricultural products so that he can bring his loved ones a more promising life. Despite being a good agriculturalist and worker he needs help to move forward and improve his production. This is why he is asking for a loan, so that he can buy more of the fertilizers he needs, which are very expensive, but without them his production will not improve. You can help him keep moving forward with his development plans."

I hope to see you on the team. Peace.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.


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Paper Asses

paper assMcCain's new Economic Plan consists of going after the voters that he most likely already has and trying to shore up the "fixed income" vote.

He's talking about tax breaks for the "Social Security" crowd and tax breaks for the the wealthy. Look at the times that we are in, who else, other than the wealthy, would be worried about Capital Gains? I'm not, maybe I'm alone in that case - but I'm worried about weekly gains - you know income to feed my kids, pay my mortgage, put gas in my vehicle - I can't worry about capital gains from selling my house or other assets that have devalued by 30% or more in the past few months.

His plan is not a plan for America and Americans it's a plan to get votes and only to get votes. He's selling snake-oil to the elderly. WTF John? Tax breaks for the elderly on Social Security? I don't disagree that those who are on fixed incomes and dependent upon their Social Security checks for their well being need a break. No doubt. You should be looking in other areas - tax breaks are just so... ummm... bullshit. If you look at the preponderance of that voting block, their income and their tax records you'll find that the majority of them do not pay taxes - simply because, by law, they don't have enough income and qualify for enough exemptions that they are tax exempt and not required to file. John, if you really want to help them take a look at our Medical system - you know the one that charges them or their family in excess of $1,000.00 per day to care for them when they can no longer care for themselves. The one that charges them hundreds of dollars per month for medicine that they need to live. The one that turns them away because they don't qualify for state or federal assistance because they make (from Social Security) in excess of $10,000 /year.

My father-in-law was a German Immigrant, a working class man, that believed in the American dream: Solid job, pay equal to the quality of work, the opportunity to own a home and put his kids through a good school, and ultimately the chance to give his children a brighter future than he or his wife had. He did this, but he, I'm am certain of this, is screaming at the top of his lungs from the grave. I can just hear him now - "auughh - that McCain, what a crook. Does he think the Americans are stupid. He talks like a Paper-ass!"

None of us ever understood what exactly a "Paper-ass" was. I think it lost something in the translation. Actually, I'm not even sure that there's a word(s) for it in German. John McCain may be showing us exactly what a "paper-ass" looks like. I believe, now, that it means someone who doesn't know his backside from a hole in the ground and speaks as if he's God's gift to the people.

McCain's plan is not a plan for the economy. It is however a desperate grab at the votes of the elderly (which vote en mass ) and the votes of the wealthy. It is a last ditch effort from his campaign to boost McCain/Palin's falling numbers. To, maybe save some face for the Republican Party in the coming election. John, "my friend", you are a "Paper-ass".

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

paper-ass,Social Security

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Blog Action Day: The Cost of Lipstick

Poverty. Hunger. Over three billion people in our world — live on less than $2.50 a day and over 26,500 children die each day. Every day. Year round. photo issues like poverty are extremely complex. There is no simple, clear answer. Blog Action Day has asked thousands of different people to give their viewpoints and opinions on these issues.

You've landed here because you either know me and my styles, rants and observations or you've hit a search engine keyword and something about what you found interested you. I hope you stay interested long enough to read my post.

Ready, Set... SCREAM!

As I've ranted and raved (ok, I haven't raved...) about American Politics, the Political system, the Financial Collapse of the Markets and a myriad of other things - sometimes there comes a time where we, the people, need to turn our attention away from our world and focus on THE World.

This day, TODAY, is one of those times. Let our voices unite and speak volumes about our world, our true world and her children.

In the year 2008 - Poverty and Hunger run rampant in our world:

    We have witnessed a monumental 1.8 TRILLION Dollar single day loss in the Stock market.

    Our government has bailed out the banking industry with $700 BILLION Tax Dollars and seeks more while the executives of AIG and thier "top sellers" party on the posh.

    Taxpayers around the world have allowed their governments to use BILLIONS of dollars, Pounds, Euro's and other currencies to fight a war in the Middle East.

Yet, we still live in a world where almost half of her population — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day and over 26,500 children die each day. Every day. Year round. The killers of our children, the children of our world, are poverty, hunger and easily preventable diseases and illnesses. What will you do today to help prevent this?

foodstampsMr., can you spare a dime?

Don't answer with the standard "you can't fix the problem by throwing money at it..." ok, we know that it's complex and the problems have very deep roots. But maybe that dime isn't in hard currency, maybe it's ten cents of your time. A moments worth of you talking to someone else about the problem. What if the whole world was talking about this at exactly the same time? Maybe your ten cents would be worth millions. Take a moment. Talk to someone. You were given a voice for a reason, use it.

Poverty Facts:

These are not debate points, not opinions, FACTS. Plain, hard, cold and oh so real facts. The Fact is that it sucks. When you read my opening and we look at all of the money that we've chased around in less than 2 months the FACT is that we are a wasteful money-centric global society that preys on those with less and forgets those who can not speak with the same volume and intensity that we can. We want our BMW's, Mercedes 4,000+ square foot Homes, we want gratification and satisfaction now and we don't care what it cost. You just might end up paying with more than your money.

26,500 children die each day 1:

An astounding rate of one Child every three seconds equalling over 10 Million children we've lost each year. One of those children could have been the scientist that cures cancer, saves a nation, makes the impossible possible. One of those children could have been a friend. Each of those children were fellow humans trying to inhabit the planet the we have been given stewardship over. Ask yourself: Am I a good steward for the children. Take a moment. Talk to someone. You were given a voice for a reason, use it.


At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. 2

2.2 million children die each year because they are not immunized.3

The United States spends 8 BILLION Dollars a year on Cosmetics, blush, lipstick, eyeliner, etc.4 It would take 6 Billion to provide Basic Education for ALL.

European countries and the United States combined spend 12 Billion Dollars a year on Perfumes.4 It would take 9 Billion to provide Water and Sanitation for ALL.

People, the list goes on. The world; US, Europe, Japan, and the rest spend enough on Perfume4, Pet Food4, Cigarettes4, and Cosmetics4 to provide Basic Education, Water and Sanitation and Basic health and nutrition to the WORLD and still have 3 BILLION left over. Speak up, speak out! Talk to someone. You have been given a voice for a reason, use it today.

Thank you for your continued support and the time you took to read about this important global crisis. You can help by contacting UNICEF, International Red Cross Red Crescent, Your local Red Cross Chapter, OXFAM and other global organizations dedicated to eliminating poverty and providing basic human needs to the worlds populations. Play Robin Hood - donate, let your voice be heard.


1. UNICEF - 2000 - 2006 mortality count of 60 Million Children World wide. The term "Children" in the study is defined as age from "Infant to Five years of Life"

2. For the 95% on $10 a day, see Martin Ravallion, Shaohua Chen and Prem Sangraula, Dollar a day revisited, World Bank, May 2008.


4. Consumerism, Volunteer Now! (undated)

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

SCREAM,Blog Action Day,Politics,Poverty,Hunger

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Genocide in Darfur a view from Alaska

Sarah Palin chooses drill baby drill over Darfur"....The genocide in Darfur seemed urgent and evidence enough to stop investing in companies who ignore slaughter to maximize profit. If there was a chance Alaskans could help end far away atrocities by divesting our $36 Billion portfolio from these businesses, we should. My testimony was met with ambivalence; the feeling you get when someone in customer service tells you it's 'not their department.' It occurred to me if the Darfur victims' age were recorded in trimesters instead of years, the ongoing Genocide of Innocents in Africa might get the same attention and support as abortion legislation.

Shannyn Moore - excerpt from Business Week

Apparently the good Governor did not feel this way otherwise they would not have been involved in the bid process (RFP/RFQ) process to start with - Folks, really, it's ok to tell a company; "um, Sorry, We do not and can not support your actions directly or indirectly when it comes to humanitarian issues, rights, liberties or your support of governments, directly or indirectly, that squash these rights." Period, end of issue - you are not invited to bid. - No association with the government local, state or otherwise and a sound decision that the people can back. It's pretty easy to stand up in front of your constituents and say; "Yes, they very well may be one of the most qualified and potentially the lower bid which may have resulted in net tax dollars saved but we, as a free people, can not support businesses that conduct themselves or allow their funds to be used in this manner.

That simple. Some call it a moral compass, others compassion and some of us just call it the balls to do what's right.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

SCREAM, Darfur, Alaska, Genocide

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Obama Video Game Ads

Obama Campaign becomes the first presidential campaign to advertise on a Gaming Platform. Hey John - did you hear that! "That One" is at it again... what will they think of next?

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has made a play for online videogamers, placing campaign advertisements in a series of popular titles from videogame giant Electronic Arts.

The ads purchased by the Obama campaign are appearing from October 6 to November 3 in Xbox 360 games such as "Burnout Paradise," "Madden 09," "Nascar 09," "NHL 09" and "Skate," EA spokeswoman Holly Rockwood told AFP on Tuesday.

She said the ads would be visible to players in 10 US states who play the Xbox games online against each other using Xbox Live.

"Not all of our games support dynamic in-game advertising but these ones lend themselves well to this kind of opportunity," Rockwood said.

"You're driving down the freeway, you're passing billboards and one of the ads you will see is for Obama.

source: EAsportsworld

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

SCREAM, XBOX, Video Game Ads

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Petition the UN

Sign the Darfur UN PetitionI wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:

The text of the petition is as follows:

"Stop the violence, rape, terror and death in Darfur. Shout to the United Nations and the President of the United States, that the violence must stop now. Call to task the Sudanese government and hold them responsible for the death and torture they have inflicted upon millions of innocent men, women and children. We need a United Nations Security Council resolution on Ahmad Harun,former Minister of the Interior, Sidan, and militia leader Ali Kushayb.Let your voice be heard"

"Recognize Genocide in Darfur": Sign the Petition

You know that I think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes less than a minute of your time. If you don't want your name stated there is an anonymous option in the signature block.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

SCREAM, Darfur, Petition, UN, United Nations

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Obama: A Middle Class Plan

Obama-Plan: A plan for our middle-class that will create jobs, provide relief, and help homeowners“If Washington can move quickly to pass a rescue plan for our financial system, there’s no reason we can’t move just as quickly to pass a rescue plan for our middle-class that will create jobs, provide relief, and help homeowners,” Obama told Toledo voters. “If Congress does not act in the coming months, it will be one of the first things I do as President of the United States.” Sen. Barack Obama ~ 10/13/2008

My "Suicide is Painless" post speaks to the importance of relief for the American Citizen. When we have 90 year old Grandmothers trying to commit suicide over a foreclosure it's time for our representatives, our politicians and our country to act.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.


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Monday, October 13, 2008

Funding Darfur

Darfur3/19/2008 ~ Alaska:

Citizens call for the state to Divest all Alaska holdings that have links to Sudan. Juneau - We Alaskans are frustrated that our PFD checks continue to assist funding the genocide in Darfur, and we're tired of not being heard! On Wednesday, March 19th at Noon, a public rally will be held in support of HB 287 and SB 227.

5/15/2008 ~ Sudan Divestment Org.:

McCain Urges Sudan Divestment -- After Wife Dumps Her Holdings

Cindy McCain has sold off those holdings, McCain confirmed .... "I would hope" Americans would sell stocks and other investments tied to Sudan, McCain told reporters

10/03/2008 ~ Alaska:

"The [Palin] administration killed our bill," said Alaska state representative Les Gara, D-Anchorage. Gara and state Rep. Bob Lynn, R-Anchorage, co-sponsored a resolution early this year to force the Alaska Permanent Fund – a $40 billion investment fund, a portion of whose dividends are distributed annually to state residents – to divest millions of dollars in holdings tied to the Sudanese government.

The truth may lie somewhere in between what Sarah Palin has said in her speeches and what she's actually done. In fact, like many things in life - both may be true. It very well may be true that she does indeed support divesting Alaska's funds from holdings tied to the Sudanese government. I tend to believe what the relief organizations state when they talk about what a politician has/hasn't can or won't do and what Save Darfur ~ Anchorage says is that they believe she wants to divest (maybe she doesn't quite understand it all yet).

They also, as do the rest of us talking about this crisis, appreciate the media that is being drawn to this crisis by all of the candidates.

Here at SCREAMING at the TV! all that I want is to raise the issues and awareness and along the way offer my perspective. As I've stated, I don't care if you agree or not - it is only when and if the world starts talking that it will be good. I believe that talk leads to action, and action is what we need.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about. If you scream loud enough, who knows, maybe a guest author on the "Screaming at the TV!" show!


SCREAM,Darfur, Politics,Sarah Palin

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Suicide is Painless

Colt 45'sWelcome to the state of our new nation, one nation under funded, under regulated, underwater for millions and all of it is under Bush, his neocon henchmen and their follies:

By THOMAS J. SHEERAN, Associated Press Writer
Sun Oct 12, 2:03 PM ET

AKRON, Ohio - By the time deputies came to escort Addie Polk out of her home of 38 years, the 90-year-old had taken out her life insurance policy and placed it next to her pocketbook and keys in the neatly kept house.

She shot herself in the chest Oct. 1 before she could be taken away from the foreclosed house, which was worth less than its mortgage from the day she took out the loan.

A congressman called her the face of a national tragedy, the housing crisis that has affected millions of Americans. Neighbors were stunned and said they had no idea the widow had been about to lose her two-story, white vinyl home.

And Polk, as she recovered, sounded a bit regretful.

and now... SCREAMING at the TV!

Good Lord what the hell has happened to our country! The woman is 90 and tries to commit suicide so she doesn't have to be misplaced from a freaking foreclosed house. Yes you read it right, SHE TRIED TO COMMIT SUICIDE so she wouldn't get kicked out of HER house! A house, that I'm assuming ment a great deal to her but didn't mean shit to the crook who did the refinancing on the loan.

"Hey Asshole, Here comes Granny, get your gun you F*ck-Stick"

My God WAKE UP AMERICA! Look around you what the hell is happening!!! The cops escorting some one out of their house after they've lived there for 38 frickin' years like she's the criminal - get that asshole at the mortgage and loan, take that twitt off of Wallstreet - someone get the F*cking Monkey out of the Whorehouse/whitehouse - Jesus-jump-up damn-it and SCREAM! 38 Years! What the hell has this country come to.

Go to a Nursing home Granny, milk the f*cking Government for every penny you can - make them pay the $1,000.00 a day fee to care for you, dumb asses.

Screaming-at-the-TV sit's in silence wondering about this one.

Good night.

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Blog Action Day: A Butcher's Story

KIVA supported by SCREAMING-at-the-TV!I SCREAM about a lot of things; this is one that I enjoy "SCREAMING at the TV!" about.

Reaching out and helping someone.

It doesn't take much, just a bit of your time and a little bit of your resources (not always your monetary resources either).

When I jumped back in to the Kiva organization I found Fezret Aliyev. At the time he was only at 30% of his fund raising efforts with 30 days left on his program. Within two days of finding and loaning to Fezret's future his goal was met. That's the Global Community in action and it's a great thing. Here's his story as I found it:

"Fezret Aliyev is a 52-year-old butcher. He is married and has three children. Fezret started his business in 1995 and since that time he has gained the respect of his permanent clients. He runs his business in the heart of the central bazaar. Every day local farmers bring him livestock for meat, but Fezret’s working day finishes too fast because he sells all the meat in about four hours. Fezret wants to improve his financial situation by purchasing more meat each day. To do this, he needs more funds, so he is applying for a loan of $1200 USD. You can be a helping hand to Fezret’s business."

38 People have helped to change this man's prospects for the future. 38 people. What if WE all joined in? What could WE change then? How many futures could WE help shape for the better?

Check out KIVA and join the Blog Action Day Team, the WE TEAM

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