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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Farm in Peru

Team SCREAMING at the TV - Valentin Ortega Salazar - KIVA.ORGJoin Team "SCREAMING at the TV!" at KIVA and help Valentin improve his fields production levels.
Price of a night out, not even, just the cost of a couple of drinks and a burger is all you have to spare.

Valentin needs $275.00 in order to help him advance his farm. As of this post, his loan is 45% funded but he still needs $150.00 to complete the loan. $150.00, that's cheaper than buying "Rock Band" for your kids, you don't need to loan all of it, just $25.00.

Join me, Join Team SCREAMING at the TV! and let's help Valentin get the opportunity to advance his future.

Valentin's story:

"Since he was a child Valentin has known to work. His parents taught him how to get by as an agriculturist, and he learned very well. Now that he is father of a family he still works as an agriculturalist. Thanks to his parents he now has the opportunity to move forward as a farmer, and he hopes to increase his agricultural products so that he can bring his loved ones a more promising life. Despite being a good agriculturalist and worker he needs help to move forward and improve his production. This is why he is asking for a loan, so that he can buy more of the fertilizers he needs, which are very expensive, but without them his production will not improve. You can help him keep moving forward with his development plans."

I hope to see you on the team. Peace.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.


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Unknown said...

I am so glad you left me that comment on my blog. I have been hoping to find someone who understands why I blog about these issues. I 'll admit I do not write as long of posts as you, but the subject is close to my heart. I also am a native Phoenician transplanted to NC. Glad to meet you.

Woody said...

Ettarose, glad you found SCREAMING - I've looked at your posts several times and love the style. Not always are a thousand words necessary. Although you couldn't tell that from my blog ;) Anyway, welcome!