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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Palin Passages - Sarah Gets The News

Batman prepared to defend against another Palin-PassageBatman continues his guard in Gotham City watching, waiting, anticipating the coming of another "Palin Passage".

Yes it's time again for one of those wonderful little nuggets from our favorite Pitbull-Loving-Lipstick-Wearing-Hockey-Mom-from-Wasilla-Alaska.

Today's Palin Passage:

Sarah Gets the News:

“I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news, too,” she said. “Alaska isn’t a foreign country, where it’s kind of suggested, ‘Wow, how could you keep in touch with what the rest of Washington, D.C., may be thinking when you live up there in Alaska?’ Believe me, Alaska is like a microcosm of America.”

yep, now don't leave us out... we get our news too, dont cha' know. Geeze it's not like were always riding our snow machines and hunting moose... we can even get TV, but not that one show where the guy is always SCREAMING at the TV!.

Sarah, this Hick thing is getting old. Stop with the underprivilaged small town girl routine already - it is the office of the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that you're trying to win - not the Mayor of Mooseville. Come on now focus - focus - focus. And don't you think that some of this is fairly insulting to the voters, male and female alike?

Palin Passage,Sarah Palin,Pitbull-Loving-Lipstick-Wearing-Hockey-Mom-from-Wasilla-Alaska

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My Friend the Marine

USMC-InsigniaFourteen years ago I had the honor and privilege of becoming part of the life of a 5 year old boy, Mike - back then it was Mikey - and his family. Both families moved in to our neighborhood within a month of each other and were the first families on the block. His family was made up of Dad, Mom and his Sister. Ours was made up nearly the same with one additional sibling. My kids, Mikey and his Sister were all in the same age range. Over time my three boys, Mike and his sister became very close friends and did all of the things that a group of five or six kids would do. They ran the neighborhood, the got into mischief, the made us cry and smile with pride.

My family has spent many summer nights watching little league baseball games, pop warner football games and just hanging out with Mike and his family.

Mikey has grown in to Mike now and this weekend he graduates from Marine Boot camp. It is with a great deal of honor and pride that my family will go to So.Cal. to show our pride and celebrate Mikes achievement.

I have been honored to be part of this young man's life and am honored and deeply touched that he would extend an invitation to celebrate his achievement with my family.

I privately pray that Mike has learned all that he needs and that he remains safe throughout his service to our country. I pray that the times for him were peaceful like they were when I served, but they are not. So I pray that he was given the wisdom he needs and the skills that will be required to keep him out of harms way.

Recruit M.J.A. I could not be more honored.

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Vote NO on AZ Prop 102

wedding-picture-photo-wedding-rings-Jeff-BelmonteExcerpt from the article published in the Arizona Republic on 9/28/08 with my views in RED

by Mary Jo Pitzl - Sept. 28, 2008 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

"For the second time in two years, Arizonans will be asked to change the state Constitution to define marriage as a union of one man and one woman."

Apparently the "Focus on Family" didn't hear the people the first time. We said no then and we'll say it again. This is an attempt to make the State of Arizona's Constitution discriminatory - Vote NO - don't let this hate become become part of our constitution.

"We are not against anything," said Barbara Willis, president of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, a ministry organization that has poured $100,000 into the campaign supporting Proposition 102. "We support marriage as one man and one woman."

Then please explain why you feel the need to pour so much money into this amendment. $100,000 could buy blankets to be handed out to the needy. $100,000 could be used help stock the food banks. $100,000 could be used to assist families in need. So why use it to push this amendment? The state already recognizes marriage as one-man-one-woman. - have you been denied lately?

"Organizers of the campaign working against the measure argue that a similar proposal failed in 2006 and that it's insulting to put the issue before voters again, especially when it comes to the weighty matter of amending the Constitution."

'nuff said

"Our question is, 'Do they think we're stupid?' " said state Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, who is chairwoman of Arizona Together Opposed to Prop. 102. "Do they think we're dumb?"

"Three states - Arizona, California and Florida - have a marriage amendment on the Nov. 4 ballot. "

I will continue to post articles about Prop 102 until this is defeated. It does not make sense to put this in to the states constitution.

As a heterosexual man, married for more than 20 years, father of six, grandfather of 1, I value marriage and the family - but I don't put my terms on the description of marriage and don't want the government doing it either.

Vote NO on Prop 102.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Kitchen Table a talk with Sarah Palin

Sarah-PalinEnergy, Energy, Energy... Sarah, no matter what stick to what your strongest hand is, OK?

I wonder if the handlers have ever played poker... When you're playing cards and your strongest "hand" is a 7 high...

SCREAMING'S Interpretation of what was heard during the Veep Debate:

Question: Foreign Policy

Answer: We in Alaska, an Energy producing state, believe that everyone should own a parrot and be able to drill to china if they want to don't cha' know. *wink* Heck if they want to, I can be liberal, they should have two parrots.

Question: Iraq and Afghanistan

Answer: We in Alaska, an Energy producing state, one that believes we should drill and and own parrots, are firmly in support of energy independence don't cha know *wink*

Question: Roe v Wade

Answer: We in Alaska, we have tons of oil and stuff in the ground don't cha' know, we believe that we should be energy independent and we can achieve this by raping our land and helping my lobbyist that gave me some of their hard earned money, yep, cuz I'm just a mom talking to ya' from my kitchen table don't cha' know.

Question: Constitutionality of Same Sex Marriage

Answer: We in Alaska, and why heck, even in my own extended family, well, we have a lots of diversity don't cha' know. *wink* Some of my bestest friends, who don't agree with me, even think, and I betcha' that they wont agree here, that I'm pretty tolerant of stuff like drilling and parrot owning cuz everybody should just sit down here, cuz were not Wall street dontcha' know, we, the family, well it is diverse and there's lots of things that we can do *wink* to become, well I tell ya' if we just read about whats going on with all the oil then we'd be able to, and if I can, I'd like to just talk a minute about what we do in Alaska... K? *tilts head* *winks* I just love talking direct to the people, it's ya' know, like we're all around the table *winks*

Sarah did good based on what the Republicans had expected - a lowered bar - avoidance of questions - stuck to what she knows best, and that is scary. So My hat's off to Sarah for her performance (yes it was a performance) last night.

She still left people wondering WTF were John, Rove & the Neocons thinking.

I wonder did THEY sit around their kitchen tables nodding their heads going yep this is the one that's going to take the sheep of America to the promise land.

Think people, research, talk to one another. Get informed, use your voice and VOTE.

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Palin Passages - Sarah Meets Foreign Heads of State

Another-Palin-Passage Must be on the way...Batman continues his guard in Gotham City watching, waiting, anticipating the coming of another "Palin Passage".

Yes it's time again for one of those wonderful little nuggets from our favorite Pitbull-Loving-Lipstick-Wearing-Hockey-Mom-from-Wasilla-Alaska.

Today's Palin Passage:

"..Never met a leader of another nation..."

Sarah Palin's trip to New York was billed as the Republican vice-presidential candidate's FIRST chance to meet with foreign heads of state. That perception was fueled, when she told ABC News' Charles Gibson that — as Alaska governor — she never had met with the leader of another nation.

Perhaps Candidate Palin FORGOT about a meeting with Iceland President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson last October in Anchorage. The meeting was confirmed by Bill McAllister, Palin's Alaska press secretary.

Everybody chant now... Go Sarah... Go Sarah... Go Sarah...
Come-on, Wave your hands... Go Sarah... Go Sarah... Go Sarah....
Everybody on your feet... Go Sarah... Go Sarah... Go Sarah....
On the Right of the house...Go Sarah... Go Sarah... Go Sarah....
Now on the Left... Go Saraaa.... DOH!

Palin Passage,Sarah Palin,Pitbull-Loving-Lipstick-Wearing-Hockey-Mom-from-Wasilla-Alaska

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin Passages - Sarah Admires Biden

Batman-Guarding-Against-Palin-PassagesBatman continues his guard in Gotham City watching, waiting, anticipating the coming of another "Palin Passage".

Yes it's time again for one of those wonderful little nuggets from our favorite Pitbull-Loving-Lipstick-Wearing-Hockey-Mom-from-Wasilla-Alaska.

Today's Palin Passage:

Sarah Palin said she was looking forward to debating Sen. Joe Biden.

"So I guess it's my turn now, and I do look forward to Thursday night. ... I'm looking forward to meeting him, too. I never met him, but I've been hearing about his Senate speeches since I was in, like, second grade," she joked at a rally in Columbus, Ohio.

ppsssttt.... Sarah, hey, check John's ID real quick then let's think about that joke again.... k?... aren't you just the cutest little thing.... garsh...

That dog wont hunt 'round here no-mo, best come up with anothern' cuz I think yer fixin' to get woke up.

Pitbull-Loving-Lipstick-Wearing-Hockey-Mom-from-Wasilla-Alaska,Palin Passage

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John McCain in Des Moines

John? JOHN McCAIN is that you? He's gotten a bit surley hasn't he!On September 30th John McCain sat down with the Des Moines Register for a little Q&A. While others have commented that your smug, rude, dictatorish, I just want to know John, where have your manners gone? Gotten a bit testy in your old age haven't you?!

I wonder, is the stress of having SP on your ticket getting to you? Too much attention focused on the Veeps instead of on the Main Men - I agree - but... ya' know, what cha' gunna do?

It's like watching those two old men from the Muppet show - Oh wait, there they are at the top of this post and they're watching you.

John McCain, Des Moines Register

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Moose Hunter versus Jabberin' Joe

Palin-Biden-Debat is popping, soda's or whatever your drinking is on ice. Your friends have been invited. Your political brethren and those that believe that the polar ice cap is in good shape are licking their lipstick... I mean lips... in anticipation of the debate. Regardless of which side your on a compensatory rubbing of the hands is taking place; both sides are thinking "this is going to be good".

The kids have all been sequestered to the far reaches of the nether world their video game systems must not be heard from for 90 minutes. Off with you now, the parents are watching the Moose Hunter and the Badger's game tonight.

Interviews and redo's (Couirc interview series with Couric & Palin, followed by a requested interview by the McCain campaign with Couric, Palin & McCain) have had to of raised some concern in recent days. The interviews had to impact Palin's image around the nation/world. Gov. Palin made Gov. Palin looking ill-informed and ill-prepared. In my opinion, that small town thing is only going to play so long and then even my Aunt & Uncle (very old and very small town) are going to start SCREAMING-at-the-TV!.

At the very least these interviews must have convinced Democrats and some Republicans that Palin is not ready to be in the White House let alone a Heart-Beat away from the most powerful position in our country.

Can Palin meet or exceed the publics low expectations of her?

Believe it or not, Palin's embarrassingly naive interviews with Katie Couric of CBS could be a good thing for the GOP vice presidential nominee.

Many Americans don't think Palin can string a coherent sentence together, much less make sense on strategic foreign policy issues. But if she does do some of that Thursday night, Palin could be a big winner in the eyes of the general public.

Excerpt from: Kansas City Star, Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist.

The VP debate plot thickens. The Palin expectations are so low - and the piling on her so intense - Jabberin’ Joe Biden could blow it.

Biden has a tendency to go on, and on, in a lecturing, finger-pointing manner which, when facing a woman, could seem condescending.

I'm not being sexist - just calling it like I see it. Everyone knows that it's hard for Biden to shut up. There is, however, hope in some of his past performances: During the Democratic debates (prior to the field being reduced to three) I was impressed by his knowledge and passion. Knowledge, real and tangible, not read about in "whatever crossed my desk" fashion but earned every day.

So how does Palin get an advantage? Lower the bar, play to the apathy of the American public, hope that all of those who are disgusted by this tactic just stay at home on election day.

How does Biden get an advantage? Don't go directly after Palin, let her do that. Joe just let her drone on and on - she'll end up in a circle and the press will do the job of pointing it out. Instead, Biden should go after McCain - he knows McCain better than Palin does and should use it to his advantage.

You were given a voice let it be heard on Election Day - VOTE.

McCain, McCain campaign, Palin, Biden, Debate

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Palin Passages

Batman-Waits-for-the-impending-Palin-PassageBatman sits at his post in Gotham City watching, waiting, anticipating the coming of another "Palin Passage".

Those wonderful little nuggets that Tina Fey and Saturday Night Live will use to make a killing off of, and will live forever in our YouTube society for all of the world to view in wonder and amazement.

It's time to hear from our favorite Pitbull-Loving-Lipstick-Wearing-Hockey-Mom-from-Wasilla-Alaska... Take it away Sarah!

Today's Palin Passage:

Candidate Palin was asked to name a specific Supreme Court case she disagreed with besides Roe v. Wade...

"Well, let's see. There's –of course –in the great history of American rulings there have been rulings, that's never going to be absolute consensus by every American," Palin said. "And there are–those issues, again, like Roe v Wade, where I believe are best held on a state level and addressed there. So you know–going through the history of America, there would be others but–"

Ladies and Gentlemen three words for you.


Palin, Supreme Court, Pitbull-Loving-Lipstick-Wearing-Hockey-Mom-from-Wasilla-Alaska

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We All Must Be Heterosexual - Prop 102

Arizona-Vote-Against-Prop-102Well Prop 102 - the "We Must all be Heterosexual" a.k.a. "Protect us from those that believe differently" marriage amendment to the Arizona State Constitution continues to attract the homophobes of the world.

on Phoenix it was stated that:

“The clash between gay marriage rights and religious freedoms will escalate in the coming years. As gay rights continue to win, you will see a serious weakening and decline in religion and family…”

Of course I had to ask a question and make a proposal of my own - mind you one that is just as ridiculous as Prop 102 itself.

Troy: "Really? Are we that insecure in our heterosexuality and religious beliefs that we have to invoke the collapse of ancient civilizations as an argument to vote for something that is supposedly the mainstream belief already?

I say our next wasteful proposition should then be. God. Let’s all vote to see if he/she/it gets a nod as well.

What a waste of time and money.

Vote NO on Prop 102"

And the SCREAMING continues.

Regardless of your point of view - the main thing is to get out and vote. Don't let the world run over you, have your voice and be heard! Vote!

Vote, Prop 102, Arizona

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gotcha' Journalism or The Truth

When I was young I used to read Batman Comic books. One of the Villains that Batman would battle against was a character named two-face. Those of you who have seen the movie "The Dark Knight" were introduced to this character. You know, the Good Guy, the Guy who has all the Answers, the Guy who can finally put a "Face" to the force of Good in Gotham City but ultimately because of a circumstances beyond his control he chooses to become a Villain... Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Sen. John McCain.

Yes, you heard him correctly - This is a case of Gotcha' Journalism, is that a Pizza Place... and... "...didn't hear the question, or, or you don't know the context that well..." WTF DID YOU JUST SAY JOHN?!!!

Ready? Set? SCREAM!

John, this is EXACTLY what you said in the Debate.

"...So I'm not prepared to threaten it, as Senator Obama apparently wants to do, as he has said that he would announce military strikes into Pakistan.

We've got to get the support of the people of -- of Pakistan. He said that he would launch military strikes into Pakistan.

Now, you don't do that. You don't say that out loud. If you have to do things, you have to do things, and you work with the Pakistani government." Sen. John McCain, Presidential Debate, 9/26/08

Oh, by the way... It isn't what Sen. Obama said at all.

Shame on you.

I think the video speaks for itself.

Has anyone started feeling sorry for Sarah Palin yet? I mean the way that she's obviously being used (and abused) by the Republicans. Just a thought.

Have a good day :)

Palin, McCain, Obama, Debat, Gotcha Journalism

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The Way Forward

Quit Sreaming-at-the-TV! Vote and have your voice heard"... Our nation has faced difficult times. We've stood out in the midst of storms and bad weather. But in each of those moments we've risen to meet the challenge, because we've never forgotten that fundamental truth that here in America, our destiny is not written for us, it's written by us." Sen. Barack Obama

It's time for this country to vote for a leader.

Vote Obama

Vote Obama

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Market Mayhem

CNN: Stocks skidded this afternoon, with the Dow's nearly 778-point drop being the worst single-day point loss ever, after the House rejected the government's $700 billion bank bailout plan. The day's loss knocked out approximately $1.2 trillion in market value, the first post-$1 trillion day ever, according to a drop in the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000, the broadest measure of the stock market.

$1.2 TRILLION lost because Repub's & Dem's couldn't agree.

Today was the biggest NET change in History, however it didn't even rank in the TOP 10 for Percentage change.



I can't even yell at the TV today instead, I'll watch and see.

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AZ Prop 105

In Arizona, a ballot initiative that gets the support of at least half the people who vote is approved. Makes sense right? So why change it?

I want my voice heard, I know no big surprise - sometimes it's just fun to state the obvious, but I don't want people who are to apathetic to get out and vote (or request an early mail-in ballot) to have any impact even in the slightest manner.

It's a vote, it's about being heard, it's about voicing your opinion.

The process is: Register and VOTE.

NOT - register and we'll take care of the rest. It's not McDonald's Damn-it, it's AMERICA.

Proposition 105 would require a majority of all those registered, not just a majority of those who vote, for any measure that increases taxes, fees or involves additional government spending.

Prop 105 is about giving up your voting rights. End of story.

I have never seen an election where 100% of all registered voters turn out to actually vote. Sadly, it's far less than that. Arizona predicts 70% turn out for the historic Presidential Election this November, in a non-presidential election year the numbers are drastically reduced.

According to the Arizona Voter Registration data; Arizona currently has 498,000 inactive voters on it's rolls. That list includes people who have died and others who have moved away.

Here's the kicker to Prop 105, it automatically counts all of those non-voters (including the non-living) as No votes.

Vote NO on Arizona Prop 105.

Vote, Arizona Prop 105, Prop 105, Arizona

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

AZ Prop. 102 Why?

Arizona is about to vote on a Proposition, Prop 102, that will change the language of the Arizona State Constitution to read:

Article XXX. Marriage

1. Marriage

Ready to SCREAM... here we go....

My question is why?
What's the purpose?
What could we possible solve by voting for this?

Are we going to make families more secure? No, in fact we will continue to deny basic benefits to some families that don't fit the "traditional" Up-tight Old White Stereotype. So, that's not good.

Are we going to enhance the families quality of life... umm same answer.

Then what? What are we going to accomplish?... oh, well a kid can call one parent mommy and one daddy, and there's a grandpa and a grandma and... (a very similar statement was actually published in the "arguments for" section of the voters information guide) oh for Christ sake I can't take this.

Is the convservative right so incredibly insecure in their own skin that they feel like they have to mandate, through a constitutional amendment, what marriage is for the rest of us?

PLEASE - Don't do me any favors ok. I can figure it our for myself and so can my kids and their kids.

Look what ever your beliefs are, and frankly I don't care, you need to stop trying to mandate what Marriage is and isn't, you're wasting my damned money. Every time one of you hair brained ________  _____  ______(readers game - you get to fill in the blanks) gets some wacked out right wing religious hair in your uptight ____, you decide you want to govern my relationship or bedroom or both, you cost me and everyone else money, STOP IT!

We have a much larger problem right now with the Federal government trying to steal our money to pay for their screw-up. I don't need you and your One-Man-One-Woman BS trying to nickel and dime me to death.

The people of Arizona have already told you NO once, now be good children of the Anti-Christ and go to your rooms and leave the adults alone to talk for a while.

Vote NO on Arizona Proposition 102. We already know the meaning of marriage.

Paid for by me damn-it so your lucky I showed some restraint on this one!

One-Man-One-Woman, legislation, Prop 102, Arizona, Arizona State Constitution

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SNL on Sarah Palin and Katie Couric

SNL, Saturday Night Live, Sarah Palin, Tina Fey

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