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Friday, September 5, 2008

Change, are you kidding?

Change? Really, are you kidding? John McCain needs to get real! First with himself and then with his country.

The ONLY thing that has changed is John McCain. I grew up in (and still live in) Arizona, hearing about John McCain, reading about John McCain, following & discussing what John McCain had/has done for the state and even voting for John McCain on more than one occasion. I admire his service as a fellow American and a fellow Vet, but he can't do a 180 on the country now and pretend that he's something that he's not anymore.

90%+ consistent voting record with the "establishment" that John McCain says should watch out 'cuz change is a comin'. What's the change? Is it that he has a Female running mate? What is it? What color will the stripes turn this time?

John McCain changed when he lost his last bid for President to GWB and his Neo-Con freak show. Somewhere he decided to sell out to the Party just to get what he wanted; the bid from his party to be the Presidential nominee. Good luck John, I don't know who you've become and you won't get my vote - you would have 8 years ago but there's a lot of change in the color of your stripes since then.

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Wasilla Alaska... Where?

How much do we really know about Wasilla, Alaska? Personally, I had never even heard of it before McCain's VP announcement. So if we dig around a bit what can we learn?

Sarah Palin's public service record in Wasilla:

Sarah Palin was first elected to a seat on the Wasilla City Council in October of 1992 and was reelected in 1995. In 1996, she ran for and won the Office of Mayor and was reelected in 1999. She concluded her public service as Mayor in 2002 and was unable to run again due to term limits.

City Council Member, Seat E, Term October 1992 - October 1995 (First Term)
City Council Member, Seat E, Term October 1995 - October 1998 (Second Term) Sarah Palin only completed one-year of this term before she was elected Mayor.

Mayor of Wasilla, Term October 1996 - October 1999 (First Term)
Mayor of Wasilla, Term October 1999 - October 2002 (Second Term)

source: City of Wasill: City News web site.

What are the demographics of Wasilla?:

Population in July 2007: 9,780. Population change since 2000: +66.9%

It's population is pretty well split down the middle:

Males: 2,728 (49.9%) Females: 2,741 (50.1%)

The town is a bit younger than the rest of Alaska -

Median resident age: 29.7 years Alaska median age: 32.4 years

The estimated median household income in 2005: $47,900 (it was $48,226 in 2000) in comparison to the rest of Alaska: Wasilla $47,900 Alaska: $56,234

Estimated median house/condo value in 2005: $158,800 (it was $137,700 in 2000)
the rest of Alaska: Alaska: $197,100

Races in Wasilla:

White Non-Hispanic (83.9%)
American Indian (9.1%)
Two or more races (5.9%)
Hispanic (3.7%)
Other race (1.3%)
Black (0.6%)

source for the above data: City

While none of this is earth shattering at all - it's just statistics, hell it could be Toad Suck Ferry, AR for all that matters - I was just curious as to what the town profile looked liked that shaped the views and opinions of the candidate we are about to hear from for at least the next 60 days.

Now, where the hell is Wasilla?... Thanks Google Maps!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin - "Hockey Mom-In-Law"

Sara Palin - Hockey Mom... Several things come to mind after watching Gov. Palin accept the Republican Vice Presidential nomination (Hockey Mom wasn't one of them) but for whatever reason the thing that floated to the top of my head was my God doesn't that kid look uncomfortable. Not Gov. Palin, her soon to be Son-In-Law. When you're 17-18 and you're trying to get everything figured out; you're from a small town; you're sexually active and your girlfriend is pregnant, her mom is "Pro-Life"(but supposedly left the "choice" up to her... doesn't that make Sarah Palin "Pro-Choice"?, or maybe it just makes her a Hypocrite) and the Governor... life can be rough. Now blast you in to the national spotlight, no make that the global spotlight, and your life has to really suck! I wonder what was going through that young man's mind as he sat there "Front and Center" at the RNC, cameras panning past him all the time, his girlfriend gets introduced - stands up - and every camera in the world was pointed at them. It looked like he wanted to skulk back into the woodwork of his home in Alaska. I bet he was thinking - "Frig - I'd rather take a check at full speed with my back turned, not wearing any protective gear than to be here right now...."

Gov. Palin, my question to you and to the First Dude is ... because of your nomination did the boy really have a choice ... to marry? or not to marry? Talk about a political shotgun pointed straight at your balls.

To the new "Second Dude": Play your ass off every time you get on the ice - the nation is now watching, no pressure!

Good Luck young man -

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Wynded - Republicans and Democrats

I began blogging as a way of getting ideas out of my head and into a realm where I could nurture and grow them. At first playing with different ideas, tossing this and that against the wall to see what stuck only to find that I really needed to find something that I cared about to really get my voice onto the virtual paper. I began writing about a motorcycle trip that my wife and I took back in 1999 and have/will continue to write about our trips as I continue to grow as a blogger. I also have found that I wanted to stay true to those who began reading my blog on any kind of a regular basis and didn't want to clutter it up with all of the non-travel/non-motorcycle related stories, ideas, and rants. I first came to this dilemma (include other items or keep Ride White Lines pure of the side commentary) when Sen. John McCain, Rep. AZ, rolled in to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I knew that I had to comment, but I went back and forth trying to decide if it belonged. Finally, because it happened at Sturgis I went ahead. Now with both the DNC - Democratic National Convention and the RNC - Republican National Convention just about over and the election season in full swing it is time to break out a blog dedicated to those rants, opinions and tid-bits of info discovered along the way.

Enjoy the journey and regardless of your choice for president make sure that your voice is heard - get out and vote. It is your right and your duty to our country and to those who proudly serve it.

If you don't vote... remember... you can't bitch about it later!

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