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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nadya Suleman... Your 15 Minutes are Up

All the talking heads of the world are bitching and complaining about the OctaMom, , they can't believe that her story is still alive. The mainstream media is outraged (the best they can be) that is still getting attention. Not from them, of course, but from the producers of , the tabloids and all the other rag mags out there.

Today, on the today show made a comment when NBC was running a story about the new supposed million dollar deal that Nadya has made; the comment was something along the lines of "this is a long 15 minutes..." no shit Sherlock but it's long because you clowns keep running her damned story. It doesn't matter if it's about the discussion between her and her mother or the nose job or some of the litter coming home from the hospital... you keep running the story - give it up already. OH! and get this... the lead in question... Is Nadya addicted to pregnancy? WTF!! Who the hell cares! That crap just chaps my backside...

Question for everyone; when was the last time that NBC or any station ran a story on the global issue of clean water, Somalian poverty crisis, , economic impacts to Mexico's border towns and the rise in violence because of it? When? When was the last time that any station ran a story on how unemployment benefits haven't increased in 20 years in some parts of our own country? When? We all hear about the poor rich SOB's but when have we heard about the real issues?

and finally, just a tidbit to chew on: I was talking to a friend of mine that was recently laid off directly because of the economy. He told me that he had received his first benefit deposit... the amount... 240.00 before taxes - 214.00 after!!! WTF!!! are you serious... Look..., not for nothing but 24 years ago when I was discharged from the service I decided to take a month or two off before I went in to the "real" world and I filed for unemployment benefits; guess what my benefit was..... yep $240.00!! I was pissed then, my God, I can't imagine what I would do now trying to live off of a total of 960.00 a month (before taxes) and feed my family, pay my mortgage or even rent for that matter, electric... good God - this is the help that we are given from our Department of Economic Security!! What I really want to know is who's economic security is it anyway...

Nadya... I hope you get your deal - not for your sake but for the sake of your children. I hope that whoever draws up your contract has stipulations dictating that a percentage of your deal goes into a trust fund for your children.

Okay, I'm done... Have a great day!

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