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Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin Passages - Sarah Meets Foreign Heads of State

Another-Palin-Passage Must be on the way...Batman continues his guard in Gotham City watching, waiting, anticipating the coming of another "Palin Passage".

Yes it's time again for one of those wonderful little nuggets from our favorite Pitbull-Loving-Lipstick-Wearing-Hockey-Mom-from-Wasilla-Alaska.

Today's Palin Passage:

"..Never met a leader of another nation..."

Sarah Palin's trip to New York was billed as the Republican vice-presidential candidate's FIRST chance to meet with foreign heads of state. That perception was fueled, when she told ABC News' Charles Gibson that — as Alaska governor — she never had met with the leader of another nation.

Perhaps Candidate Palin FORGOT about a meeting with Iceland President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson last October in Anchorage. The meeting was confirmed by Bill McAllister, Palin's Alaska press secretary.

Everybody chant now... Go Sarah... Go Sarah... Go Sarah...
Come-on, Wave your hands... Go Sarah... Go Sarah... Go Sarah....
Everybody on your feet... Go Sarah... Go Sarah... Go Sarah....
On the Right of the house...Go Sarah... Go Sarah... Go Sarah....
Now on the Left... Go Saraaa.... DOH!

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