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Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Friend the Marine

USMC-InsigniaFourteen years ago I had the honor and privilege of becoming part of the life of a 5 year old boy, Mike - back then it was Mikey - and his family. Both families moved in to our neighborhood within a month of each other and were the first families on the block. His family was made up of Dad, Mom and his Sister. Ours was made up nearly the same with one additional sibling. My kids, Mikey and his Sister were all in the same age range. Over time my three boys, Mike and his sister became very close friends and did all of the things that a group of five or six kids would do. They ran the neighborhood, the got into mischief, the made us cry and smile with pride.

My family has spent many summer nights watching little league baseball games, pop warner football games and just hanging out with Mike and his family.

Mikey has grown in to Mike now and this weekend he graduates from Marine Boot camp. It is with a great deal of honor and pride that my family will go to So.Cal. to show our pride and celebrate Mikes achievement.

I have been honored to be part of this young man's life and am honored and deeply touched that he would extend an invitation to celebrate his achievement with my family.

I privately pray that Mike has learned all that he needs and that he remains safe throughout his service to our country. I pray that the times for him were peaceful like they were when I served, but they are not. So I pray that he was given the wisdom he needs and the skills that will be required to keep him out of harms way.

Recruit M.J.A. I could not be more honored.

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