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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Video Game Ads

Obama Campaign becomes the first presidential campaign to advertise on a Gaming Platform. Hey John - did you hear that! "That One" is at it again... what will they think of next?

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has made a play for online videogamers, placing campaign advertisements in a series of popular titles from videogame giant Electronic Arts.

The ads purchased by the Obama campaign are appearing from October 6 to November 3 in Xbox 360 games such as "Burnout Paradise," "Madden 09," "Nascar 09," "NHL 09" and "Skate," EA spokeswoman Holly Rockwood told AFP on Tuesday.

She said the ads would be visible to players in 10 US states who play the Xbox games online against each other using Xbox Live.

"Not all of our games support dynamic in-game advertising but these ones lend themselves well to this kind of opportunity," Rockwood said.

"You're driving down the freeway, you're passing billboards and one of the ads you will see is for Obama.

source: EAsportsworld

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