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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blog Action Day: A Butcher's Story

KIVA supported by SCREAMING-at-the-TV!I SCREAM about a lot of things; this is one that I enjoy "SCREAMING at the TV!" about.

Reaching out and helping someone.

It doesn't take much, just a bit of your time and a little bit of your resources (not always your monetary resources either).

When I jumped back in to the Kiva organization I found Fezret Aliyev. At the time he was only at 30% of his fund raising efforts with 30 days left on his program. Within two days of finding and loaning to Fezret's future his goal was met. That's the Global Community in action and it's a great thing. Here's his story as I found it:

"Fezret Aliyev is a 52-year-old butcher. He is married and has three children. Fezret started his business in 1995 and since that time he has gained the respect of his permanent clients. He runs his business in the heart of the central bazaar. Every day local farmers bring him livestock for meat, but Fezret’s working day finishes too fast because he sells all the meat in about four hours. Fezret wants to improve his financial situation by purchasing more meat each day. To do this, he needs more funds, so he is applying for a loan of $1200 USD. You can be a helping hand to Fezret’s business."

38 People have helped to change this man's prospects for the future. 38 people. What if WE all joined in? What could WE change then? How many futures could WE help shape for the better?

Check out KIVA and join the Blog Action Day Team, the WE TEAM

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