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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Arizona State Sen. John Huppenthal's end the Lies Strategy

Huppenthal-what-were-you-thinking?!Chandler, AZ, November 12th, 2008.

Chandler police announced that they will recommend filing charges against Senator John Huppenthal for misdemeanor counts of theft and tampering with a political sign on Election Day.

John, did we have a momentary lapse of reason? What possibly could you have been thinking? I know it wasn't "Now this will be good P.R.".

A Chandler police spokesman said the investigation is complete and a police report will be submitted to city prosecutors within the next few days. It is up to the city prosecutors to decide whether to file charges against the 16-year state lawmaker.

A 78-year-old Democratic volunteer accused the senator of yanking the sign from her hands - watch her video - She's 78. She uses a Walker... Huppenthal what were you thinking? Her full interview can be seen here. My advice to the Senator, don't screw with old people and... damn, you should have known better than to screw with an old Democrat on this election day!

Huppenthal, who represents an area that includes west Chandler and parts of Ahwatukee Foothills and Tempe, said the sign contained a lie about his involvement in solving air quality issues at Corona del Sol High School in Tempe.

Senator, really, a lie? Oh My! Now we can't have that can we? So what are we to do... Yes, I guess you're right, let's go around ripping things up, tearing things down, destroying property that isn't ours, breaking laws just so we can show those damned people who lie.

Can I get three cheers? Hyp-Hyp-O-crit! Hyp-Hyp-O-crit! Hyp-Hyp-O-crit!

Huppenthal stated that he was following the law pertaining to political signs.

The LAW states: No one can remove political signs 45 days before an election or seven days after except for the candidate to whom the sign belongs or the property owner if the sign is placed on private property, or if the sign is placed in violation of the law.

Huppenthal stated that he had left the sign beside a trash bin in the apartment complex for it to be easily found by the owner... Case Closed

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