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Monday, November 24, 2008

8 Year Old Murder Suspect: Update

Apache County Courthouse Arizona

Normally I would wait and publish this on Wednesday for my Arizona topic but given the interest in this case here's what we know currently about the boy accused of the murders in St. Johns, Arizona.

John Andreas, a Romans family spokesperson, says St. Johns detectives told them an 8-year-old fired 10 times during the shooting that claimed the lives of Vincent Romero, 29, and Tim Romans, 39, on November 6. St. Johns Police say they can’t confirm how many shots they think the 8-year-old fired due to a gag order.

Several news agencies are reporting that the St. Johns Police believe the murder weapon was a single shot .22-caliber rifle, meaning that if Mr. Andreas is correctly reporting what the detectives told him, the boy would have had to of reloaded the rifle after every shot.

    - Somehow I am at odds to actually believe that an 8 year old boy is going to fire - hit - see the person get hit - reload and repeat this 10 seperate times. I just have an incredibly hard time rationalizing this in my own mind. 10 Times - I can't see it happening.

    On top of it, it seems to me that the boy would have to had hit his target each and every time to the point of the victim becoming immobile - right? I mean, if I was shot and not immobilized I would certainly do everything in my power to get to the shooter and take the damned gun away - with, I'm sure, the intent to turn it on them in one fashion or another - so does this make sense?

    I'm curious... was it...

    • A) Not a single shot rifle or
    • B) the boy didn't fire 10 times or
    • C)The boy didn't do it.

A Wednesday Judge Michael Roca ruling will allow the boy to spend Thanksgiving at home with his mother. During a court hearing Judge Rosa told the boy's mother, "You're on the hook. If he doesn't make it back there's going to be a warrant for him and for you."

And finally; Over the weekend St. John's prosecutors moved to dismiss one of two murder charges against the boy according to the AP Apache County Attorney Criss Candelaria filed a one-paragraph motion in juvenile court to drop the murder charge accusing the boy of killing his father. The motion gave no reason for the request, saying only that "the state believes the interest of justice will be served by such a dismissal."

The motion broadened the mystery surrounding the case.

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