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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

World Views

Views from around the world:

An interesting read from the UK: This cynical choice has left McCain’s honour in shreds. It speaks loudly about how much of a farse the American political process has become.

The following Quotes can be found on: Australian Internet News Source.

"I am amazed that the Republicans are trying to twist this silliness into a supposed sexist attack on their candidate. What exactly are the Republicans hiding about Palin? She still has not given an interview. They cannot wrap her up in cotton wool forever."

Posted by: Hunter of Sydney 4:33pm today

"To Tazzz comment 5, "Americans are smarter than Australians" are you absolutely mad? Obviously you have never been to the US. While mostly a friendly lot, smartness is not a virtue you see a lot of and voting in Bush not once, but twice is total proof of their utter stupidity. Bush has changed the world in a profoundly negative way and severly tarnished America's image."

Posted by: Loxy 4:32pm today

"According to the right wing lunatics, anyone who says something critical about this woman is apparently sexist. Maybe every time a conservative says something critical about Barack Obama we should call that person a racist?"

Posted by: Steve of Perth 4:32pm today

The following Quotes can be found on: The Times On-line, UK

Excerpt from the Times On-line dated: 9/10/08

Sarah Palin, the pastor and the prophecy: judgment day is not far away

"Since Mrs Palin’s nomination as John McCain’s Republican running-mate 11 days ago, her social and religious beliefs have become subjected to intense scrutiny. As a supporter of the teaching of Creationism in schools, an opponent of abortion – even in cases of rape or incest – and a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, she threatens to reopen the culture war that has scarred American politics for a quarter of a century.

America was hit by 9/11, Katrina, Gustav etc.. Are these God 's acts against the sinners? No. These religious nuts sent Bush to the White House rather than McCain last time. He is now playing the religious card through Palin. He wants to be president at all cost. 'county first' slogan is hollow.

Posted by: gary smith, LONDON, UK

"The constitutional separation between church and state is not designed to keep religion out of politics. In fact, it meant to keep politicians out of religious freedoms. To understand it the other way around is to actually violate the UN declaration of Human Rights on religious liberty."

Posted by: Tom Price, Chertsey, UK

"Ms Palin is playing the role she was chosen for: coaxing the Ev Protestant Right and the Jews to vote for McCain. It's come down to Protestant vs Catholic again with Biden & the Kennedys vs Palin & McCain with race as a sideshow. God help Obama: Daniel in the lion's den of US presidential politics!"

Posted by: Dr David Green, Athens, Greece

"So the Republicans have chosen a creationist for VP. It is good to see that they still value the ability in their leaders to dismiss the evidence and ignore the facts in favour of their personal beliefs. That tendency took Bush into Iraq. Where will it take McCain-Palin"

Posted by: John, Brussels

And our status in the world continues it's decline.... sigh....

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