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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Children and Guns in Northern Arizona get National Attention

These are Weapons - not Guns - do you know the difference

It's Thursday, so it must be time for a National post. Today in the news we could SCREAM about Madonna's Divorce, the Government's no-deal on the Auto Industry Bailout, US being warned about China's Cyber Syping... Notice that most of my sources are not (and usually never are) US Based... why?

Because the Mainstream Media in this country always presents a myopic view that suits the sales figures for the day ... bunch of lying-half-truth-telling-mamby-pamby-ass-kissing-troglodytes... but I digress ;)

You know, I once saw an interview where a reporter stated that he would rather get the information and agree not to publish it until it was useless than to not get the story at all... what the hell?!? I bet that Nixon was wondering where the hell this clown was when he needed him! Sorry, this is a long way to go to get to today's post (how many to's in that sentence?... is that even legal?!)

Here we go: National attention has been focused on a small town in North Eastern Arizona. A small town in Apache County. A town that is now populated by more satellite trucks, reporters, camera-men/women and signal technicians than it has residents.


Because a father taught his son to hunt at the age of 6 or 7. Because a father taught his son how to lock-load and fire a weapon with apparently a great deal of speed and accuracy at a very young age. Notice I called it a weapon - not a gun. A gun sounds so passive, so nice and non-threatening. We played with guns when we were little; cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, we even made our own rubber-band guns.

There is another reason that I've called it a weapon instead of a gun and I'll get that in a moment.

This small Northern Arizona town has been invaded by the worlds Press Corps because an 8 year old boy is accused of shooting and killing his father and his fathers friend. "I think I may have shot the gun." the 8 year old told Police.

I don't know if he did or didn't that will be for the system to find out and then determine how to deal with an 8 year old on such an issue. I do know that it is tragic. Extremely tragic and needless. My heart goes out to that little boy.

Now, let's get back to what's really stuck in my craw... that distinction between a weapon and a gun. A weapon is nasty, it's made to inflict harm and to kill - that's it. That is it's only purpose for existing. That is the goal that is poured in to every aspect of it's design. It's accuracy, velocity, weight, balance and every other aspect are finely tuned to do one thing and one thing only - hit and destroy it's target. Now, a gun, well a gun is a different story.

Here's your education on a gun as provided and paid for by Uncle Sam's U.S. Military Services; each and every one of them teach this: This little lesson has hand and arm movements so you have have to stand up to follow along....

Here is my weapon (hold your rifle/pistol out in front of you or just point to it)
Here is my gun (grab your crotch, set your rifle or pistol down first)
This is for killing (hold your rifle/pistol out in front of you again)
This is for fun (grab your crotch)

and repeat... it helps if someone yells "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" while you're saying this.

Okay, got it? Pretty simple right... So the next time someone asks if you own a gun you can smile and say "why of course - don't you?"

Weapon = Bad
Gun = Fun

Now, go play with your gun and have a good day.

You have been given a voice, use it. Go out and SCREAM! about something you care about.

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dethmama said...

Growing up in a small, farm town, we were all taught to use guns. And that is what they were... guns.

Ms Sparky said...

Gun or weapon...the end result is the same. I do not hold this 8 year old child responsible and I am disturbed that they are charging him. I hold the adults in the house responsible.

I am a gun/weapon owner. I love to shoot. Not so keen on the killing/hunting part. But I could if I had to.

Teaching a child to use a gun is the easy part. Teaching a child to respect it is a different story.

My 5 year old grandson lives with me. He is not allowed to have toy guns. If he does make a gun out of legos or tinker toys....and he does.... he will get in big trouble if he points it at a person.

This is my method of starting his gun/weapon safety training. When he is mature enough to shoot a real weapon then we will.

And he will NEVER have unsupervised access to a weapon or ammo until he is mature and responsible enough.

This boy is scarred for life and I'm screaming about it!!!